Sweet Treats Shaped Like Feces Debut At Disney World's Animal Kingdom

You may have thought Disney World's giant turkey leg was a bit much, but just wait until you get a load of these new snacks. You can now buy "Match the Species" sweets at Zuri's Sweets Shop in Disney's Animal Kingdom.Although the shop does not explicitly state the nature of these treats, it's pretty clear that they are species-accurate, edible dung samples from four different animals. You can sample "droppings" from an elephant, giraffe, tamarin, and hippo.

But don't worry: Disney is not selling real feces. In fact, these snacks are actually pretty delicious, according to the Disney Food Blog. The tamarin variety is made from pretzel pearls covered in peanut butter fudge and oat flakes, the elephant variety is chocolate peanut butter fudge in oats and coconut flakes, the giraffe kind is a chocolate caramel fudge brownie, and the hippo treat is a chocolate fudge caramel brownie with peanut butter and rolled oats.

According to the Kim and Carrie blog, Disney's pastry chefs worked in conjunction with Animal Kingdom workers to ensure the product's accuracy.