Spain Seeks Unesco Heritage Status For Its Tapas

There's no denying that tapas are a unique and iconic part of Spanish culture. It comes as no surprise, then, that Spain is seeking Unesco heritage status for its tapas tradition, reports The Local.

Rafael Ansón, resident of Spain's Royal Academy of Gastronomy, said, "Tapas are the very model of food." He continues, "Tapas, too, are a way of eating... The project is very advanced. The Ministry of Culture will make the formal presentation but I have spoken to Unesco and they are already looking into it."

Unesco grants Intangible Cultural Heritage status to practices the organization feels are "both especially important to world heritage and cultural diversity, and deserving of lasting protection," quotes Eater. Some examples include Korean kimchi, Armenian lavash bread, Turkish coffee, and Spanish flamenco.

Unesco will reveal its official decision on the new additions to its list in 2017.

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