Prince Charles Implies That The Future Of European Civilization Is In The Hands Of French Cheesemakers

If there's one thing French culture has always taught us, it's that endless good wine and stinky cheese are an integral part of everyday life. But Heir Apparent Prince Charles fears for the future of France's legendary dairy products.He believes that in a world of genetically modified produce and intense climate changes, the bastion of iconic French cheese could be in danger, and in turn: It could threaten the entire foundation of European civilization.

"In a microbe-free, progressive and genetically engineered future, what hope is there for the old-fashioned Fourme d'Ambert, the mal-formed Gruyère de Comte or the odorous Pont L'Eveque?" he asked in a dramatic declaration outside the key UN climate talks outside Paris. "A very important part of the whole magnificent edifice of European civilization rests on the inherited genius and craftsmanship of the people who make such distinguished concoctions."

The crown prince then went on to applaud France for its efforts to increase the amount of attention paid to green energy issues, specifically high carbon levels found in the soil.