Pizza Hut Turns Their Pizza Boxes Into Roughshod Movie Projectors

Pizza Hut has already introduced the world to cheeseburger pizza and potato chip crust pizza. For their next trick, they will transform the humble cardboard pizza box into a movie projector. The Blockbuster Box, designed by international marketing communications company Ogilvy and Mather's Hong Kong branch, is an elaborate marketing stunt for Pizza Hut's Hong Kong customers.

The Blockbuster Box looks like a regular pizza box, but it comes with a working lens in lieu of the traditional plastic pizza table (designed to keep the pizza in place) and a punch-out hole at the front of the box. Just put the lens into the hole, place your smartphone into the center of the box, and voila! You have a working roughshod movie projector.

Plus, each box comes with a QR code; scan it, and you can download a free movie to your phone and project it onto the nearest wall. There are four different "box genres": the "Fully Loaded" box for action movies, "Slice Night" for scary movies, "Hot & Ready" for romance, and "Anchovy Armageddon" for sci-fi fans, according to Business Insider.