Pizza Hut Australia Releases Insane Four'N Twenty Meat Pie-Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Australia, you've really outdone yourselves. Last year, we announced the arrival of the cheeseburger stuffed-crust pizza, a truly impressive feat of gluttony. Now the Aussie branch of the international pizza chain has taken the meaning of stuffed crust pizza to a whole new level, this time with an Australian twist: Four'N Twenty meat pie-stuffed crust pizza. Pizza Hut described the Four'N Twenty stuffed crust pie as "Australia's favorite lovechild."

Each slice is stuffed with a mini Four'N Twenty meat pie, an Australian meat pie that's especially popular as a football concession. And yes, for all you Aussies, each mini pie does come with the traditional tomato sauce "squeezie" (which looks more like a dollop of ketchup to us Yanks).

Here's what Pizza Hut had to say about their new stuffed crust creation:

"Australia's newest and tastiest lovechild has arrived following a secret and steamy relationship between Pizza Hut and Four'N Twenty that has created the Four'N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza," goes the slightly raunchy statement. "The exciting new arrival brings two all-time Aussie favourites — meat pies and pizza — finally together with eight delicious bite-sized Four'N Twenty meat pies nestled into the crust of your favorite Pizza Hut pizza."

We can only guess what this extreme stuffed crust trend would mean for American Pizza Huts: perhaps we'd prefer bacon cheeseburger stuffed crust pizza, or a hot dog-stuffed crust pie. Oh wait, that already happened.