The New Zealand Prime Minister Tops His Pizza With This Bizarre Ingredient

New Zealand's Prime Minister has admitted to a bizarre pizza habit that has non-Kiwis questioning his sanity. In a Facebook post, the country's PM Bill English published his pizza recipe, which included topping the pie with tinned spaghetti instead of traditional sauce. But English wasn't done with his creation: He also topped his pizza with ham, pineapple, and tomatoes (just in case the spaghetti wasn't controversial enough).

The post was popular, however, and garnered 10,000 likes and more than 500 shares. His verdict? "Pizza was a bit soggy in the middle. Goes well with pineapple."

The Internet had other thoughts on this maddening recipe experiment:

Italy's ambassador to New Zealand even got in on the horrified fun:

We also imagine that diplomatic relations between Iceland and New Zealand may be a bit... icy after this incident, as Iceland's president has strong opinions about pineapple pizza.