McDonald's Australia Has Ditched Burger Buns For Lettuce

McDonald's Australia is swapping out their buns for lettuce leaves.McDonald's in Queensland Instagrammed a photo of the chain's new lettuce burgers: all the "stuff" of a McDonald's burger, wrapped in giant lettuce leaves instead of carb-y burger buns. In the posted photos, the burger contents are not visible; the lettuce burgers look exactly like two giant lettuce leaves with a side of fries.


'Lettuce' introduce you to our famous #lettuceburgers . All the same ingredients packed into a couple of large lettuce leaves!

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The lettuce burger is part of the Create Your Taste customizable menu being tested right now Down Under. The customizable burger program has introduced gourmet burgers (and prices) to Australian McDonald's fans, and this is just the latest development.The program will roll out in the United States starting this year, according to Business Insider.

It should be noted that the McCafe was tested in Australia before coming to the United States, so we could have McLettuce burgers in our hands sometime soon.