KFC Handed Out Fried Chicken Bouquets This Valentine's Day

Still stuck on what to get that special someone? KFC might have some chick-in-spiration to satisfy even the hungriest lovers out there. The fast-food chain gave away 20 bouquets of fried chicken to lucky couples at one KFC restaurant location in Auckland, New Zealand, on Feb. 14 (as this is published, it's already Feb. 15 there).

As KFC said, "The best smelling Bouquet this Valentine's Day is sure to be the KFC Bouquet."

Who needs roses anyway? This edible bouquet is stuffed with popcorn chicken, crispy strips, and drumsticks.  Although thousands entered the competition, the select lucky few were announced via social media and had to claim their greasy gift in person:

Even though Valentine's Day is just beginning over here in America, it's over in New Zealand, so one would have to assume that each bouquet recipient thought their gift was "finger lickin' good."

KFC Canada held a similar contest called the ChickenGram leading up to the holiday, with winners getting a romantic dinner at KFC on tonight.