Japan To Get Its First Panda Express By The End Of This Year

Panda Express is making its way to Japan, joining other U.S.-based fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Krispy Kreme, and KFC.

The Southern California-based chain is set to open its first location in Japan by the end of this year, Rocket News 24 detailed.

The venture is being handled by I&P Runway Japan, a joint entity between Panda Restaurant Group, which owns Panda Express, and Japanese restaurant management group Chikara no Moto, which helped to bring Ippudo to the U.S.

On the appeal of an American take on Chinese food when China is much closer to Japan than the U.S., Rocket News explained, "[N]ot all Chinese food available in Japan is purely authentic either, with much of it being adapted to local tastes, since Japan is generally willing to forgive tinkering with tradition as long as the result pleases the palate."

Similar to what other American fast-food chains have done in Japan, Panda Express will most likely follow suit and add items that will be unique to its Japan locations.