America's Least Favorite Airline Is Surprisingly Not United

Baggage fees, cramped legroom, sketchy in-flight food... There are plenty of reasons to hate virtually any airline, but one carrier stands tall above the rest. For the third year in a row, Spirit Airlines has been voted the worst airline by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, with an average satisfaction score of 61.

"Spirit's committed to improve its operations and customer service," a Spirit spokesperson told CNNMoney. "Beginning last spring, Spirit initiated a number of programs that have led to major improvements in on-time performance and a 64 percent reduction in complaints year over year."

JetBlue came in first with a customer satisfaction score of 82. American Airlines' and Delta's scores both jumped the highest, and are up six and seven percent, respectively, since last year. United — currently undergoing a PR crisis after a man was forcefully dragged off one of their planes — is up three percent from last year, but is still considered the third-worst airline option for consumers.

The full list is below:

JetBlue: 82, +2%

Southwest: 80, 0%

Alaska: 78, +1%

American: 76, +6%

Delta: 76, +7%

All Others: 74, 0%

Allegiant: 71, +9%

United: 70, 3%

Frontier: 63, -5%

Spirit: 61, -2%