Airbnb Invests In Restaurant Reservation App Resy

Airbnb has provided a platform for adventurers seeking short- or long-term housing in places all over the world. The company's latest investment in is Resy Network Inc., a reservation app that allows users to book tables at nearby restaurants.

The company led a $13 million funding round for the app, which competes with OpenTable, another online reservation service, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Resy was co-founded by Leventhal (who also co-founded, Michael Montero, and Gary Vaynerchuk and currently lists around 1,000 restaurants in the U.S. in 50 markets in comparison to the 40,000 listed on OpenTable, which features restaurants around the globe. The app also collects consumer data to help its restaurants better serve their customers.

"We can curate the restaurants list for each customer so that you'll see only choices that are really good for you," Ben Leventhal, chief executive of Resy, told The Wall Street Journal.

Come April, users will be able to use Resy to make reservations through Airbnb.