Sean Brock’s Pastry Chef Lisa Donovan Announces Departure from Husk


Lisa Donovan will depart Sean Brock's Husk restaurants on November 21. 

Lisa Donovan, the talented pastry chef of Husk in Nashville and Charleston (she’s stationed in Nashville) has announced on her blog that she will leave her position at Husk Nashville on November 21.

Even if you’ve never eaten at Husk, you may recognize Donovan from season two, episode one of Mind of a Chef, where she and Sean Brock made her legendary buttermilk pie.

“I feel proud to have built the menus I built and so honored to have worked alongside Sean — what I have learned from him as a chef and as a friend in this industry (and life at large) has been something that is invaluable to me,” Donovan wrote on her personal blog. “I’ll carry these last nearly two years with me in a really special way. But, finding a more sustainable way to both work and be with my family while I build my career is paramount to me in this phase of life. The graciousness with which Husk is sending me out into the world is so loving, kind and understanding. I’ll definitely miss my little corner of that kitchen.”


As a final goodbye, Donovan also promised to take up to 30 orders of her buttermilk chess pie, sweet potato pie, and bourbon molasses Georgia pecan pie, but they appear to have sold out.

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