New Good-Food Grocer, Farmer's Diet, Reimagines the Trader Joe's Experience Online

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Los Angeles Based Start-Up Launches Healthy, Sustainable Online Market Delivering Unique Brand Products at a Fraction of...

Los Angeles Based Start-Up Launches Healthy, Sustainable Online Market Delivering Unique Brand Products at a Fraction of the Cost.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- What would happen if Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's went on a Tinder date? Farmer's Diet ( beta launched their online market this week where healthy products with SLEEK AND SIMPLE labels are available to eco-conscious online consumers for the price of (GMO-free) peanuts!

"Now more than ever, we're realizing the consequences of an industrialized food system and its effects on our individual health and environment," Co-founder/CEO, Freddie Pikovsky says. Every food shopping experience leaves mindful shoppers overwhelmed by labels, claims, and eco proclamations. Farmer's Diet gives everyone a break by offering HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE products (with zero CONFUSING jargon) at bargain prices with no membership fees. 

Farmer's Diet is offering their first five products to early adopters. Each item is available for $4-$6 or as a bundle for $24.95 with free shipping - 50% cheaper than comparable retail brands. This initial offering will be expanded to 300 products over the next year.

Farmer's Diet sources ORGANIC, unique, healthy products from producers who uphold company guidelines which include non-GMO and NUTRIENT-dense ingredients with no added preservatives or chemicals, the humane treatment of animals, and the implementation of low waste practices. Made and mindfully packaged in the U.S., products are private-labeled and creatively marketed to customers online—cutting out middle-man distributors to keep prices low.

Farmer's Diet currently offers:

Strawberry & Vanilla Bean JAMMY JAM—a luscious pure fruit spread made seasonally in small batches.

Sophisticated Spicy Thai Peanut Butter—a WILDLY unique nut butter that the PB&J's of your dreams are made of.

Bizzness Honey (Sage)—a rare variety made by California sage plant-pollinating bees.

Perfetto Garlic Parsley Linguine —AROMATIC vegan pasta infused with herbaceous notes.

About the Founders
Freddie's culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu—in combination with volunteer jobs on family farms—inspired Farmer's Diet. Anna is a vegan wordsmith that's responsible for adding a fun editorial layer. Graduate of the UCLA Global Sustainability Program, founder of nonprofit Drop in the Bucket, co-founder Sara Renshaw brings her knowledge of sustainability to the table. Farmer's Diet advisory board notably includes Dollar Shave Club Chief of Marketing Officer, Adam Weber.   

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