NetJets Slashes China-Based Membership Costs More Than Fifty Percent

From by Mila Pantovich
NetJets Slashes China-Based Membership Costs More Than Fifty Percent

NetJets recently announced that they will be making their US- and European-based fractional fleets available to customers in China via their prepaid Private Jet Travel Card. Not only does the updated card connect China-based clients to hundreds of countries, it also cuts down on membership costs by more than half. 

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According to Forbes, the starting balance with be just $150,000. The offering hopes to take advantage of the growing market for private aviation in China and will allow buyers to choose how much flight time they will actually need. “As the demand for charter services among China-based travelers continues to grow, we are pleased to introduce these enhancements to the Private Jet Travel Card,” says Eric Wong, Vice Chairman, NetJets Business Aviation Limited. “We believe the lower upfront cost and greater selection of aircraft will accommodate the needs of these customers as they come to value the benefits of private aviation—convenience, safety, security and privacy.”

So far, the only aircraft being offered for this new China Private Jet Card is the Hawker 800XP, which can seat up to six passengers. 

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