The catchy name of this venture comes from a fusion of "momo," which represents "more eating, more sharing" and "goose," an homage to their old Cambridge restaurant Poppa & Goose. Founded by MIT alums in 1989, this truck features the super healthy fare of Southeast Asia. Offering something for everyone — from vegans to vegetarians to meat-eaters — the creators seek to boost taste and reduce the fats and calories. On the menu: rice bowls with seasonal veggies and a choice of protein like bulgogi beef or spicy daeji pork; crispy rolls; and 12-inch baguette sandwiches. — Nina Fomufod, 11/13/2012


Twitter Handle: @momogoose
Location/Schedule: Check Site

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Foursquare Tips

  • Grab your lunch and pay with LevelUp. Saves time AND money!
  • Very quick service and they accept credit cards (and LevelUp too!)
  • The spicy Korean BBQ sandwich is actually spicy- highly recommended for that lunchtime kick. And it's cheap too! $5 for lunch beats any place around. They take cards as well which is a huge plus.
  • The most vegan (and yummy) food truck! The Koren BBQ Tofu w/ Rice Noodles and a Fresh Roll!!
  • Beautiful truck, awesome menu, and well priced.
  • Good BBQ chicken
  • I could eat here every day.
  • these guys are FAST, line might be long but you'll breeze through.
  • Always check your meal. They tend to forget the crispy roll, but never forget to charge for it.
  • Had the Korean BBQ Chicken w/ brown rice and it was Momogood!
  • The spicy pork baguette loaded with chili sauce AND the Sriracha is possibly the best sandwich in Boston.
  • Get the fresh spring rolls. For $5 they're a great deal.
  • Good food- jasmine rice bowl w/ teriyaki chicken. The line went quick which is another plus
  • Welcome to the backbay! Awesome pork!
  • The Wonton soup is awesome, and I've never gotten something there I didn't like.
  • Korean BBQ is good. Both in the soup or with the rice
  • Free hot tea while you wait -- the true mark of a great food truck.
  • Peanut sauce isn't that peanutty.
  • My first time here and I think I may be hooked.