Miradouro de Santa Catarina (Adamastor)

Scenic Lookout, Plaza
Largo de Santa Catarina
Lisboa, Lisboa 1200


  • Vista do Mirador de Santa Catarina para a foz do rio Tejo.
  • Situado numa das colinas da cidade antiga possui uma deslumbrante vista sobre o Rio Tejo. No local existe uma esplanada e uma escultura alusiva ao Adamastor. *** Entrada Livre ***
  • drink a beer and enjoy a beautiful viewpoint over the River Tagus
  • Excelente vista. Tem 2 esplanadas magnificas. O fim de tarde tem um inconveniente pois o sol de frente tira visibilidade para o Tejo e Ponte 25 de Abril.
  • Appreciate the sunset and discover one of the most beautiful views in Lisbon
  • Compre uma cerveja em litro (litrosa) e espere pelo melhor pr-do-sol de Lisboa.
  • Favorite part of Lisboa. Get some beers from the convenience store down the road and hang out.
  • Estragaram tudo. Tiraram os candeeiros tradicionais e colocaram os postes horriveis.
  • Uma das vistas mais lindas de Lisboa
  • Melhor miradouro de Lisboa!! Tem um bom caf e um bom bar. Adoro!
  • Order a beer and a tosta, have a seat, shut up and enjoy the locals having a great time, their music, the vibe and the killer view of one of the most laid back places Lisbao probably has to offer
  • The "local" Miradouro with a more industrial yet beautiful view down to Cais do Sodre and Ponte de 25 de Abril. Hang out at the kiosk and drink beer for 1 Euro or Aguardente Velho.
  • Cool viewpoint to chill. In comparison to the other viewpoints this viewpoint has more locals than tourists. People of all kinds come here to chill. And there is always someone playing an instrument.
  • Amazing view and the smell of weed, all day long. Nicer at sunset.
  • Bring beers and happiness!!!!
  • One of my favorite viewpoints in Lisbon! You can see my hometown Almada in the other side of the river.
  • Festival atmosphere. Bring wine or beer and some snacks, sit on the grass, and enjoy the view while listening to people playing music.
  • Free public toilets across the street behind the cafe.
  • Vista bem legal. Sente l para ver o pr do sol que vale a pena.
  • Beautiful view!!!

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