Mintel: 1 in 8 Use Delivery Services

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Mintel: 1 in 8 Use Delivery Services

Jack in the Box has a separate late-night Munchie Meal menu for those who crave burgers at off-peak hours. Now, in the San Francisco Bay area, at least, diners with growling stomachs don’t even need to hit the drive-through since Jack this month formed a partnership with restaurant-delivery service DoorDash that delivers until 3 a.m.

Third-party delivery services are growing in scope and customer satisfaction, new research from Mintel finds. Now, 12% of Americans—nearly one in eight—say they used DoorDash, GrubHub, Eater 24, UberEats, Amazon Prime or one of the many other delivery services in the previous three months. And one-third of those use those services say they do so at least twice a week. So where is the customer traffic the restaurant industry has been leaking. It’s there, on the couch, watching a movie or playing a video game.


What’s keeping people in the non-user camp? The value of experience and the value of a dollar: 28% of those who haven’t used a third-party delivery service say they simply would rather eat at a restaurant; 27% say delivery fees are too high.

Delivery fans aren’t all irrevocably lost as dining-room denizens: 65% of them admit that it’s more fun to go to a restaurant than to have restaurant food brought to your couch. Diners ages 55 or older are the most loyal to actually dining out: 53% say nothing would motivate them to use a delivery service. That drops to 11% among those ages 18 to 24.


Earlier this month, I wrote that McDonald’s has trademarked “Mac Sauce,” indicating it has big plans, including possible retail plans, for the iconic sauce.

McDonald’s shows that it know just how many fans that sauce has in its marketing for the Clubhouse burgers it introduced this week in Australia. What’s important about these burgers aren’t the proteins—Angus beef or chicken—it’s that both sandwiches have “The one, the only, the legendary… Big Mac Special Sauce. Star of the Macca’s Clubhouse burger.” When you’re a star you can do anything.

McD Australia Clubhouse****************

McDonald’s Belgium has a pair of new sandwiches, too, but what’s interesting are the names more than any sauce. This week’s introduction of the “Juicy Jane” chicken addition to the Maestro line follows the earlier debut of the “Generous Jack” Angus beef burger.

Jane has spring mix, tomato, Gruyère cheese and tarragon mayo on a crusty roll.

McD Belgium Juicy jane