Micro Center

Row 1

1221 Powers Ferry Rd SE (btwn Delk & Terrell Mill)
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 859-1540
Mon–Sat: 10:00 AM–9:00 PM Sun: 11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Check-out their bargain bin, always has returned or refurbished items on the cheap. Great stocking stuffers and cheap parts.
  • I can ALWAYS find what I need here!
  • Not sure why everyone says prices are high microcenter price matches online prices. Also return policy is very generous.. usually no restock fee. Great mac alternative mac store. Great gaming store.
  • Loiter here after eating at J. Christopher's. I've seen Goodwill stores with a better atmosphere.
  • Always checkout their free flyer for the best deals, saves time and money
  • Ever since CompUSA closed down, Micro Center is the only place to go & get a real selection of computer accessories. Sure their prices suck, but you pay for the convenience of having it now.
  • Buy a Mac at Microcenter plus aftermarket RAM, and they will install it before delivery. Very handy for the hard to upgrade models like the Mini, and cheaper too.
  • Love that they price match!
  • My go-to place for electronics. They do price match the best they can, but they will deny some NewEgg and Amazon price matches. Buy an iPad here for an interesting experience.
  • old lady who helps at service desk.. is an old fucking cunt bitch.. treated me like a piece of shit cause I am white
  • Bought my first computer here in 1988. Still coming back. Great place for parts you can't find elsewhere.
  • This store had a gaming department that put most dedicated game stores to shame, but they decimated it and moved books and hobby supplies there. Now games only get a poorly-organized wall.
  • This place is kinda small. Get it?! Small? MICRO?! Thank you! www.instantrimshot.com
  • Shouts out to will sinclair..he knows his stuff. Hands down.
  • Will price match!
  • Best selection of computer parts and accessories in the city. Not as pretty as Best Buy but their knoledgeable staff makes those Best Buy guys look like morons. Also, NO HASSLE return policy.
  • hit and miss on prices, ALWAYS check newegg prices against MicroCenter as, even with shipping prices, you might end out better. Not nicely kept store, seems old inside. Needs a remodel of some sort.
  • So I'm guessing the current mayor is an employee. Not cool in my book.
  • Bad prices, "required" my home address for an in store purchase... amazon + monoprice ftw. Should have gone to fry's instead.
  • My experience is semi weekly. Seems overrun with Microsoft agenda and chrome book hate, I took my system business to Walmart and saved about $160 on the chrome book and dell desktop.