Supermarket, Grocery Store
1005 E 13 Mile Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 307-4900


  • Avoid the Meijer time warp. A "quick stop" at Meijer turns into a 2-hour excursion if you're not paying attention.
  • Bottle return is outside now which is bizarre. Found out that you cannot use bottle return slips from other stores. Who knew?
  • Cute old man greeter that has a british accent his name is Basil lol say hello
  • The Madison Heights location always has a friendly staff member available to help you out. This store also has a Chase Bank branch that has the Best Customer Service! Always happy shopping here!
  • NEVER come here during the day, the old people are oblivious and move at a snails pace.
  • Try the groceries
  • Really stupid of them to have bottle return outside, way far away from enterences
  • I am shopping every month 2/3 times from Meijer at 12 mile/mound.This is very comfortable place for me and my family. Every worker are perfect.
  • The Meijer in Troy off Coolidge typically has a better selection and seems to stock items more often, but tends to be a lot busier.
  • When shopping keep cart with you. Don't leave cart in center of aisle with children hanging off. It is rude shopping behavior! Others cannot pass!
  • Liquor stop! :)
  • Bottle return is now on the outside (seperate entrance). Far right of the store.
  • They moved their bottle return outside which is nice, but 5 out of 6 machines are full and non functional? Ridiculous.
  • Great selection of produce and meat
  • Self check out is the fastest way to check out
  • The ability to shop with you during most times of the day versus other Meijer locations in the area
  • The people that work there are great, however most of the customers there are disgusting(beware of people trying to scam you and get information out of you for phishing) Dirtiest part of SEast Europe
  • One stop shopping center.
  • Another slow store

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