Row 1

211 State Road 83
Delafield, WI 53018
(262) 646-8929
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 4:00 AM–Midnight

Foursquare Tips

  • The drive-thru is slower than snails in molasses!
  • Always check your drive thru order before leaving. Wrong, every flipping time.
  • WORTHLESS crew.
  • Go to the Hardee's next door, or the Five Guys across the road instead!
  • This has to be the slowest McDonald's on the face of the planet
  • wait is this a drive through or a parking lot?!
  • Slowest drive though EVER!!!
  • Is this place ever not SLOW!!?!?
  • Slowest service I've ever experienced. I watched staff stare at the screen and do nothing. Wanted to light a fire cracker under their asses. Pow!
  • Moves around like Baba Yaga's chicken legged hut.
  • If you like to wait a LONG time for "fast food" you will love it here.
  • Tammy is the best manager ever!! Make sure you ask for her if you need any assistance
  • Try the French fries.
  • Super slow!!!
  • Seems to be incompetent employee day. Everyone's orders are given to the wrong person
  • It's McDonalds.
  • Worst drive thru ever
  • Maybe this place would actually be halfway decent if it wasn't run by self absorbed adolescents. A trained monkey could produce better customer service.
  • If you are going to charge for Mac sauce on the side, it would be good customer service to fill the cup.
  • At night this place is so slow. Go during the day or not at all