Fast Food
Terminal 8 (JFK International Airport)
Jamaica, NY 11430


  • Slowest...service...ever...I'm going to die of starvation before I actually get my McGriddle
  • Wish McDonald corp. would do a quality check here, not only for food, but for the employees as well! Very rude and incompetent group, how do they stay open yelling at the customers? #McDonalds
  • McDonalds mata a fome e no caro
  • It's a little embarrassing that the lines here are longer than the other "mall-esque" food court restaurants, but it is quintessentially American.
  • Zzzzzzzzz.....
  • Sweet Tea in sizes?? Nice
  • Do not come here. The wait it terrible, the people rude, the area filthy, and the food atrocious. This coming from a guy who loves McDonald's.
  • 15 minutes for two cheesburgers and fries??
  • Very unprofessional staff!
  • Good and fast service. No complaimts
  • I was at the Terminal 4 MCD. Best bargain in the food court.
  • i never thought possible to find a McD soooooooo slow as this one. They dont care that us passengers are on a limited time frame. Seriously, McD should do something about it!
  • Horrible slow service. 10 of them just moping around. I wanted to buy them all a 5 hour energy shot!
  • Bad operations, bunched up queues, incompetent manager on floor.
  • don't eat here. It's amazing lack of competence you see among employees, as well as unpolite attitude!
  • Iced hazelnut coffee WAY too sweet and english muffin was hard.
  • $3.99 + tax for a strong large caffe mocha ... great value.

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Terminal 8 (JFK International Airport)