McDonald’s “Food Icons” Sell Out

McDonald’s “Food Icons” Sell Out
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The question often is asked what McDonald’s should add to its menu to reverse its sales slide. The answer appears to be … toys.

In Hong Kong yesterday, the chain began a promotion offering little Nanoblock (akin to Lego blocks) versions of five “Food Icon” collectibles plus a McDonald’s restaurant, available with purchase of the box set containing them all. Individual toys reportedly were priced at $20HKD (about $2.50); the set went for $198HKD or $25. Before the day had ended, every last iconic one of them had sold out.

The Google translation of McDonald’s Hong Kong’s explanation on its website is, “Since the reaction is more enthusiastic than expected, which is McDonald’s Food Icons nanoblock Box Set has been sold out within a short time, would like to thank the community support, and to apologize for the inconvenience caused customer.”

Until June 11, McDonald’s Hong Kong restaurants will take orders for the set with full payment up front. The toys will be available between July 23 and Aug. 2, 2015.

McDonald's 'Food Icon' toys

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