A Magical Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

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A Magical Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

Frozen Inspired Birthday Party Cookies
The Frozen Disney movie has been a hit with kids worldwide. My daughter is obsessed with Anna and Elsa, and can't stop humming "Let it Go..." :)

And so I am super excited to finally jump in the band wagon of the whole Frozen-mania 'round here...
Today's party will dazzle and wow you, as it did me! It has lots of DIY decorations, stunning details and clever decor ideas that stay true to this popular Disney film theme, without falling prey to using copyrighted images. And that in my book is super fresh indeed!

Hope you'll love all the details was styled and told by Tya Lynn Nelson from Padicakes ♥

Frozen Inspired Birthday Party
Frozen Inspired Birthday Party cake
Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

Frozen Inspired Birthday Party Cookies
Frozen Inspired Birthday Party Cupcakes

Frozen Inspired Birthday Party
Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

Frozen Themed Birthday Party: Party Styling & DIY Decorations
My daughter always wants to have birthday parties that would be so fun in the spring or summer months, such as Alice in Wonderland, Minnie Mouse Bowtique etc. Unfortunately for her, having a January birthday makes those parties a little more difficult. Of course, I was thrilled this year when she wanted a Frozen Ice Princess Party, even though I think it's been done by every 5 year old girl out there. Finally, a perfect party for a winter birthday! 
Despite how much fun it would have been to actually do it in the snow outside, of course this January we had no snow. Instead we brought the snow inside and "froze" the interior of our home! 
I always try to do theme parties using as little of the actual "theme brand" decor as I can to keep it simple and classy. We tried to decorate with our own "frozen themed" décor rather than the actual Disney décor. I absolutely loved how magical it turned out by using tons of glowing lights and a simple color palette of white and shades of shimmering blues!
We cut hundreds of snowflakes and cotton balls and strung them over every doorway and archway we could find with clear twine, we added felt snow drifts and icicles, hundreds of white lights, snowflake lights and ice blue lights, turned down the house lights and VIOLA! Frozen Ice Castle in our own home! "It was absolutely magical" in the words of the birthday girl! We may have to decorate like this every gloomy January, it really was beautiful!

Frozen Themed Birthday Party: Party Games & Activities
Upon arrival the princesses, princess (and one snowman) received a crown or mask to decorate with jewels and glitter from the Trading Post. 
They also received a pom pom wand, a snowball and snowflake adorned gable box to store their goods in. 
Once they finished their crown, they were able to go to the next station where they made super cute, and super easy snow globes with stickers they picked, packing tape and of course tons of turquoise and white glitter.

Frozen Themed Birthday Party: Party Food & Sweet Treats
Guests were treated with "frozen" white hot chocolate and frozen fjord punch as well as glittery treats in the castle,  including Elsa's iced macarons, donut holes from Olaf's donut tree, Kristoff's jello ice blocks (which were set aglow from beneath with balloon lights, Sven's chocolate covered oreo snacks and ice and snow covered sugar cookies all served atop a snow covered table lit with white lights. 
Even the birthday girl's cake was lit and glowing. You can get a lot of mileage from those balloon lights!

Frozen Themed Birthday Party: Party Gifts & Favors
Later in the evening, there was a surprise visit from Elsa and Anna where the kids were given necklaces we made with "Elsa's Magic" in them, mini apothecary bottles filled with glitter and baby oil on a chain. 
After some interaction with the princesses, all the little princes and princesses were invited to build a snowman or have a snowball fight with Elsa and Anna with little sock snowballs stuffed with fluffy batting.
What a precious thing to watch as the children laughed while throwing snowballs with actual princesses! 
Truly a magical night to remember in our Frozen Castle!

Frozen Themed Birthday Party: Party Credits
Styling & Design, Catering and Cake: Tya Lynn Nelson from Padicakes 
Photography: Tiffani Linn Photography 

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Frozen Inspired Birthday Party

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