Lupe Tortilla’s Beef Fajitas

If you haven't had beef fajitas then you really can't say you've eaten in Texas.
Lupe's finest fajitas
Maryse Chevriere

Lupe's finest fajitas

Lupe Tortilla’s gets locals going. “It’s unbelievable!” declare some. “It’s overrated,” others counter. “The original location on Stafford is the best,” many proclaim. What can’t be debated, however, is that this casual Tex-Mex restaurant (founded in 1983) is an institution. And if you haven’t had their signature beef fajitas at least once, you simply haven’t had the full Houston dining experience.

There’s almost always a wait, and not overdoing it on Frozen Margs and baskets of homemade tortilla chips and saucy Chile con Queso is a challenge. But you have to save room for the fajitas—the main event. It’s a spectacle. The sizzling platter arrives, loaded with citrusy, salty steak, followed immediately by a company of sides (fixin’s) and warm flour tortillas. Now the real argument to have is how to best construct the perfect fajita.