Little Village Noodle House

Row 1

1113 Smith St (S Hotel St)
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 545-3008

Foursquare Tips

  • Little Village offers patrons two hours of free parking behind the restaurant. It's limited, but a score if you can get it. Good luck!
  • The honey walnut shrimp is nutz!!!
  • It's BYOB here, but if you forget, there's a liquor store down Hotel Street to save the day. Enjoy!
  • Three words: pan fried steak
  • Bring a six pack of Tsingtao and crush some honey walnut shrimp
  • BYOB! So feel free to bring something you like to compliment their wonderful food! And, if it's a really bottle, no one will mind if you bring appropriate glassware. Enjoy!!!
  • The best don don noodles I've ever had, and I've had them at a lot of places!
  • Try the Hong Kong style Milk is awesome!Everything here is great...get a window seat so you can see all the shady people doing shady things in China town.
  • Get the Volcano Pork Chop!
  • Try the Salt and Pepper Pork Chops
  • Fire pork chops for the win!
  • Beef chow fun is delicious!
  • Honey walnut shrimp and salt and pepper pork chops are a must
  • Crispy beef was excellent
  • Can't go wrong with much here, but I must recommend the pan fried beef, honey walnut shrimp, garlic eggplant, and Chef Chan's special fried rice.
  • Service is stellar every visit!
  • Chinese restaurants are plentiful here, but this BYOB venue has become the local favorite. The sizzling fish in black bean sauce and vegetarian moo-shu rolls receive top honors at this MSG-free spot.
  • Bring a bottle of wine with you and make sure you have the dried string beans.
  • "They use organic ingredients and no MSG in their food. They also have great noodles that are stir-fried with olive oil." - Chef Mark Ellman
  • I was expecting duck that was lightly battered, but there was much more taro than duck in the taro duck. If you love taro this is a good pick, but get a half or whole duck if you want more meat.