Lithia Park

59 Winburn Way
Ashland, OR 97520


  • Further south in the park are some really good hiking trails. Behold, the scary trees!
  • Ashland has many hidden secrets. One not so hidden but often missed is Lithia Park. It's a thin stream (w/a gorgeous creek) of a Park that runs for a few miles. Same designer as SF's Golden Gate Park.
  • Try the water.
  • A must-visit park! Designed by the same man who designed Golden Gate Park.
  • walk in the park
  • We are so lucky to live in Ashland and have such a beautiful park! It's truly a little piece of heaven!
  • We just had to get a pic by this tag above the fountain.
  • This summer would be nice
  • BATS! Beware at night.
  • Dry beautiful place. Dont miss to see the small fall and the pond.
  • Love to take my little guy for a walk around the park, because hes not allowed in the park
  • Well groomed trail along a beautiful flowing babbling brook!
  • Buskers in the park on warm afternoons
  • The hiking is awesome. It's stunning out there.
  • Awesome place. Go on a hike!
  • Winter? Be prepared for mud. You're in Oregon!
  • Lithia Park is one of the most beautiful places near Medford. It is HUGE. Great for hiking, biking, taking photos, just relaxing or spending time with family.
  • Turtles sun-bathe on rocks at the duck pond on warm days.
  • Watch people larp...
  • Drink the water

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