Lights, Camera, Cook!—ICE Alum Greta Anthony

From, by Institute of Culinary Education
Lights, Camera, Cook!—ICE Alum Greta Anthony


The first thing you notice about Culinary Arts alum Greta Anthony is that nothing stands in the way of her professionalism. Not giving an interview on a noisy street corner when her office is too busy. Not even keeping the appointment for said interview in the wake of winning her fourth (and second consecutive!) James Beard Award for the production of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. Which is to say that you can understand how Greta Anthony managed to not only become the first culinary intern ever hired at Martha Stewart, but also how she transformed that opportunity into an incredibly successful career in food television production.

Greta Anthony Culinary Producer Martha Stewart

Yet before Greta became an uber-producer for one of the world’s most impressive media brands, she was a career changer looking to reinvent herself at ICE. “I was working in the jewelry industry with no prior culinary experience. I knew I didn’t want to work in a restaurant, but I did know that I wanted to work in food, and was confident I would figure out the details at school.”


In fact, it was through ICE’s externship program that Greta found the opportunity at Martha Stewart. At the end of her externship, Greta was offered a freelance position at the company. Soon enough, she had landed a full time job, and has since been with the company for nearly 20 years.