Life as a Culinary Student: If You Can’t Take the Heat…

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Life as a Culinary Student: If You Can’t Take the Heat…


By Christen Clinkscales—Student, School of Culinary Arts


Like the old phrase, the second module of the Culinary Arts program at ICE is literally a lesson on learning to taking—or rather, managing—the heat in the kitchen. For me, that meant facing my fears—of fire and overcooking proteins—and learning a lot more about cooking, and myself, in the process.

Grilling Flames Pepper

After successfully completing “Mod 1,” as students call the first section of our program, I felt that my basic skills were in a good place. I was quicker with my knife skills, beginning to understand fabrication and loving all that I was learning in class. Mod 2 was a different story—with a new chef instructor and numerous hurdles to conquer.


This mod is where we learn to actually cook, and boy, did we ever. From sautéing to deep frying, braising to poaching, Chef Sam Kadko taught it all. For future students who are wondering how to survive unscathed and make the most of this mod—I have a few pieces of advice.


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