Liba Falafel Truck

Food Truck, Falafel, Moving Target
$ $
San Francisco, CA 94608
(415) 806-5488



After finding inspiration in the falafel shops of Amsterdam, Gail Lillian “pondered how to deliver the same ingenuity, accessibility, and flavor intensity to the streets of the Bay Area.” She decided to deliver it “via the cutest truck on earth.” All the falafel, salads, and sweets on the Liba Falafel Truck are made from scratch, all the take-away products are compostable, and at day’s end, you guessed it, Liba’s oil “gets turned into biofuel.” Does it get any more green, cuddly, and… cute? Guess what? The food’s good too. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012




  • Order a bowl instead of the normal pita and stock up on roasted eggplant, tomato cucumber salad, rosemary peanuts, pickled onion, fried onion, pickles, feta, hummus, harissa, raita, etc.
  • Put some rosemary peanuts in your sandwich..It's a wonderful surprise!
  • It's all about the sweet potato fries.
  • They recently started serving soup
  • Can't go wrong when it's DIY ..pile on your fav fixings
  • Made sure to check out the extensive topping bar. Delish!
  • get the sweet potato fries
  • Get Sweet Potato Fries. Don't forget to squeeze the bit of lime over the top!
  • The falafels here are fierce.
  • Get a salad bowl and fill it up with as much falafel, vegetables, and rosemary peanuts as you can. I like that it's diy and the meal is quite filling. Cash only and service is slow when they restock.
  • This food truck is special. Not only do they serve a damn good falafel and rather addicting sweet potato fries, but the experience you have from order to bite is exceptional.
  • Credit cards ok -- they take Square
  • Salad, extra ball & fries inside is the way to go
  • There's a park with benches when the truck is at Hollis and 53rd in Emeryville.
  • Even the taco trucks in SF can be a foodie paradise like Liba!
  • Liba only serves falafel and they are goooood. Definitely enhance the flavor with hot sauce and yogurt based raita. Addition of pickle onions and mango chutney are a treat.
  • Feast on falafel.