Row 1

Busch Gardens (at Congo)
Tampa, FL 33612

Foursquare Tips

  • Hold your head back against the seat to avoid a headache!
  • Intense and very fun!
  • Try the front row. It's fricken awesome!!
  • Don't touch the grass it hurts
  • Front row low season, do it three times and head to the bathroom to throw up..
  • Fun fact #2: Kumba means roar in Swahili.
  • This legendary beast takes you from hair-raising heights to absolute weightlessness through seven inversions, all with the grace and speed of this magnificent predator.
  • It's a really crazy ride. I hate that my head gets banging side to side but the amount of turns and g's on this ride makes it one of the best rides in the park.
  • Fastest coaster I've ever been on.
  • Fun fact: the coaster has special wheels that make it "roar". Because kumba means roar
  • Listen to Ashley and Nikki and hold your head against the headrest. Fast, fierce, and physical coaster!
  • By far best coaster at BGTB...maybe Southeast.
  • Amazing B&M sitter!!
  • Best ride in the park. Don't waste your time waiting In line for shiekra.
  • Rode this after someone puked & all the employees did was hose the seats down, let it air around the track once & then let us on.
  • This is my least favorite of the steel coasters at Busch Gardens. It's fun, but not worth it if the wait is long.
  • AWESOME RIDE!! Intense and fast!!
  • la mejor montaa rusa del parque y la menos con fila
  • Wait out the afternoon rainstorms, watch everyone else give up and go home, then ride over and over again until you can't walk straight.
  • Best ride ever. Keep ur head back on the sear. Try the front row it's awesome...