Key Food

32-15 Newtown Ave (at 30th Ave)
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 728-9403


  • Good selection of items but go across the street for fresh fruits and veggies. Way better than that rat-maze of a store called Trade Fair down the block.
  • Always watch ringing up! They are notorious for overcharging you. Items on sale rarely ring up the sale price!
  • you're better off getting your produce from across the street at United Bros. but this key food is overall pretty clean and easy to navigate
  • The cashiers generally are faster than using the self checkout, which is the worst and will irritate you to death
  • so much better than trade fair!! clean, orderly and there's self checkout.
  • Come for the food shopping, stay for the awesome music.
  • Ne ararsan var
  • Pouca opo de variedade pra compra
  • Good selection! Glad I live so close. WAY better than the Key Foods we went to when we lived in Bed Stuy -_-
  • this place is the worst.
  • "Please wait. System processing."
  • The fat guy with glasses is an ass. I know how to use a register. You don't need to lean in uninvited to press buttons in the screen or move my product to the bag.
  • Don't bother using the self-checkout. It's buggy, aggravating, and I always wish I'd just stood in line.
  • Not as smelly as Trade Fair. This is good.
  • No reason to ever buy produce here. Cheaper and much fresher across the street!
  • While trying to weigh an a avacado at self checkout employee asked me if I was going to scan the soda in my cart, like I'm going to walk out with two twelve packs. Didn't shop there for months.
  • left Trade Fair halfway through shopping to come here.
  • They don't stock cardamom. Go to Trade Fair 2 blocks away.
  • Love the self check out!
  • At self-checkout, you can also 'weigh' items like fruits and veggies.

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