JP's Sports Bar & Grill

Bar, Sports Bar, Dive Bar
1101 Wilshire Blvd (at 11th St)
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 394-7660



  • I always forget about their harry potter cupboard under the stairs bathroom. Im tall but this bathroom makes me feel like im shaq!
  • Stands for JUST PENISES
  • Check your LA attitude at the door, get a beer & chat with whoever else is hanging out.
  • This is what it sounds like - cheap dive-y sports bar. Pretty great in the land of expensive Santa Monica!
  • Sit at the table near "the kitchen," where the deep fryer is constantly cranked to 11. No need for that trip to the sauna!
  • So the beauty of JP's is the confidence boost that you actually have a 401k
  • You should hate yourself for coming here.
  • Hold your breath for the entire duration of your use of the men's room. It's like a contest with yourself, loser has to breathe through their nose!
  • Awesome dive bar with 2 pool tables, darts, and $3 PBRs
  • $3 PBR
  • Close this place down. Bad people and bad drinks. Cheap af, terrible.
  • Get here early on Sundays if you're hoping for a view of the game...
  • Great hole in the wall bar!
  • Great time watching Ohio State and Cleveland Browns football !!!
  • This is where degenerates go.
  • Steal the chairs outside and leave them in front of Esther's house. She's cool with theft and loves chairs.
  • Mandy is here till 6 pm
  • mordechai is bs.:-) :-) he's a cab driver.
  • Jonas is the best bartender ever.
  • Go on Tuesdays at 8:30 for trivia!

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