Joy's Mongolian Grill

122 Hayward Ave.
Ames, IA 50014
(515) 292-9077



  • Delicious fried rice and a bottle of Sirracha at every table? Count me in.
  • Nothing but asian people here. I'm Asian but shit its like the boat just dropped them off from china.
  • Try the cold chopped chicken or the red braised pork!
  • Though new, Joy's Mongolian Grill serves up some refreshingly authentic dishes. None of it can be found on the menu, but try ordering "Bao" and your foray into the Chinese language will be rewarded.
  • They don't make soup after 7:30 so don't order just the soup and rice if you plan on eating any soup for dinner...
  • Mu Xu Rou with tofu, hot pepper chicken and sesame chicken are all really good!