Journey to the Center of the Earth (センター・オブ・ジ・アース)

Row 1

舞浜1-1 (東京ディズニーシー ミステリアスアイランド)

Foursquare Tips

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  • Wait more than 2 hours but really worthwhile!
  • Best ride at Disney Sea. Go first thing and get a fast pass. Worth riding twice. Even more fun in the snow
  • Try and get a fast pass for this or go straight there first as queues can get really long. A really good ride!
  • terrifying, but great for the 5 seconds you're outside and overlooking the park - best at night
  • Really fun ride! The set is believable. The best part is when you come shooting out of the mountain
  • F1
  • Best attraction at DisneySea. Similar to EPCOT's Test Track.
  • Queue for two hours for a ride last for three minutes, you do the math.
  • One of the longest lines in the park, other than Toy Story of course. The design of the ride is amazing but after your hours of waiting, the ride will be over before you know it.
  • from the start it just slowly show various strange creature .... it only speed up in the end and take a dip (few second? ) , and the end ... probably good if you have fast pass
  • Long wait for a rather lame ride. The announcer kept saying its a fast ride and sudden drops. Not! The ride sped up for a good 10 secs and then ended. Whole thing took less than 4 mins. Don't bother.