It's a Small World

Theme Park
1313 Disneyland Dr (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 781-4565


  • spot the newly added Disney characters.
  • Stay in the line on the right: it moves faster. The left one gets stopped for wheelchairs and such.
  • Fill up your water bottles in the river. Saves money and tastes great!
  • This song is going to stuck in my head for days
  • Look for all the Disney characters!
  • Look for Mary Blair's honorary doll going up the Eiffel Tower.
  • The holiday decorations on the ride are amazing, dont miss the chance to see them!
  • Always go on the right side of the line, you go through the line faster.
  • If you are a newlywed and have a button to show that; you get to have a boat all to yourself.
  • Photopass tip: take a digital photo of your photopass #. Then if you lose your pass you won't lose your pics!
  • Really piss off your Facebook friends by posting you're here. They'll have the song stuck in their head for days.
  • If you are getting Photopass photos, get the CD! They put all of your pictures on one disk for one price ($59 at this time) The Photopass card is good for 30 days.
  • Try and not get the song stuck in your head.
  • If its such a small world, how can the line be so long?
  • When passing through the "Mexico" area, look for the red-headed boy choking his chicken. Literally.
  • Its about a twenty min ride.
  • If you want to skip the lines for this one, the line shortens significantly during parades.
  • Watch out for the Mexican boy choking his chicken
  • Daniel is right.
  • Please don't drink the water! It contains a lot of chemicals and is not clean. Treat it like a pool but with more waste.

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