Inflight Taste Test: New Icelandair cafe style Dining

From by Nikos Loukas
Inflight Taste Test: New Icelandair cafe style Dining


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The Icelandair business class meals have had some improvements including a new range of pre-order meals for business class customers and some changes to the inflight service and meal choices. We take a trip from London to Reykjavík and return to Amsterdam to see what’s the latest in Saga Class and Economy Comfort dining.

You may remember our previous experience in Saga Class with Icelandair, gone are the crisp white table cloths and gone are the meal choices. It seems a little more relaxed and more like sitting in an upmarket cafe that offers the latest in food trends.



On the business class menu today between London and Reykjavík is the Chicken spelt ciabatta bun with red curry, spinach and tomatoes served with a raw food cake with peanut butter and a plate of crisps.


Bread can be a funny thing at 35,00ft, but the ciabatta bun was served crisp, hot and was full of flavor. Our favorite part of the meal was the delicious raw food cake which was fresh and mouth watering, something that you would expect to be served at your local cafe.  Perhaps many may question the above meal as being substandard in a business class cabin however it’s worth noting that the airline does give you the opportunity to pre order, what you would like to eat, from a range of truly unique Icelandic dishes.


A few days later we flew back on Icelandair in Economy Comfort class to Amsterdam, economy comfort passengers can select whatever they want from the Icelandair Buy on Board Menu at no cost. This time things were a little different though when we were served we were given no choice of meals, instead we were given our coffee that we requested and a packet of Pringles. We thought it was a little odd so we waited about 15 minutes and then asked if it was possible to purchase some oats for breakfast. Our request though was never followed up and in the end we gave up wanting to chase the cabin crew for our breakfast order. These things happen, not all cabin crew are created equal so we thought it was best to just sit back, enjoy our inflight movie and have a proper breakfast when we landed at Amsterdam Airport.

(And yes someone already pointed out the name on the coffee cup!)


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