Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

4790 W 16th St (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
Indianapolis, IN 46222


  • Opened in 1987, the Speedway grounds were honored with the designation of National Historic Landmark. It is recognized as one of the most highly visible museums devoted to automobiles and auto racing.
  • Everyone that can should go to the 500 and also tour the museum at least once in their life! The museum is open year round - I believe it's only $5.
  • Just inside, take a left to the elevator and visit the photoshop upstairs. Literally over one million photos spanning more than one hundred years. One if the best kept secret gems at IMS!
  • Take the bus tour that drives a full lap around the track. Great experience.
  • Stay up to date on everything going on at IMS with the Brickyard Mobile App! or
  • This is a must see when in Indianapolis.
  • The AJ Foyt exhibition was the best.
  • I was here in October so didn't get to see any races, but the museum is an awesome experience! Championship cars on display dating back to 1908, so much history and influence.
  • Racing cars: Dodge Challenger and AMC Javelin
  • VIP tour is $30, awell worth it since the museum admission is $10 and the kiss the bricks tour is $20. Both are included in the VIP tour.
  • Great Museum.
  • At the Hall of Fame Museum in Indianapolis, winning vehicles from over 100 years of racing stand right beside the Indianapolis racetrack - which is famous for its annual Indy 500 race.
  • You can buy any kind of gift and race things here.
  • If you are into cars, GO for it! I liked the historic part of the cars and seeing the improvements they made over the years. My friend was not impressed... but she also doesn't drive a car lol
  • Tire testing with Tony Stewart.
  • Make sure you go to the Photo Shop on the second floor and take the Track tour.
  • Go to Indy every year and this is a MUST stop. Always changes! Dont miss this place. Over a hundred years of the best racing history
  • Best $5 any sports fan can spend
  • Theres so much stuff to do and its very interesting
  • Its mandatory to go there, I recommend you to take the tour

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