Independent Records

Record Shop
123 E Bijou St (at N. Nevada Ave.)
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 520-5111


  • Lots of DVDs, CDs, clothing, records, and smoking accessories. Check out the pipe display on the left!
  • If they don't got, they can get it. Just ask
  • Okay, SCRATCH MY LAST TIP! I go to spend some money on roadtrip music. I find that I really have to pee. They have a effing ZERO public usage policy to use their restrooms! I'M A PAYING CUSTOMER!
  • I'm an out of towner & I found this shop. Great selection of new and used CDs & Vinyl. Fair prices & Good customer relations. The girl even threw in a free music publication. Thank you!
  • One of few places that sells Mojo music mag. Best music mag in the world, comes with a mix cd that never disappoints.