How to Make Deviled Eggs

A step-by-step guide to making the perfect deviled eggs
How to Make Deviled Eggs

Don’t ever make a mistake on this recipe ever again.

Deviled eggs have always been a party staple. Your grandmother was serving deviled eggs at her luncheons. They are fabulous, creamy, tangy appetizers that guests look forward to all year long. But making the perfect deviled egg isn’t easy. Before you can even think about enjoying the deviled egg, you have to boil the perfect egg first: Here is an abbreviated version of our guide to boiling the perfect egg:

Identify a Bad Egg
Have you ever smelled a super strong egg? The pungent smell often occurs after you boil an egg, and it is something we accept as normal. We are here to tell you that your perfect hard-boiled egg should not be stinky.

Use Old Eggs

Use eggs that are a few days old because they are far easier to peel when it comes time to use them. If you’re really worried about peeling the eggs, poking a small pinhole in the egg before boiling will help the egg separate further from its shell.

Start with Cold Water

Yes, you want to boil your eggs, but you do not want them overcooked. Start with cold water so the eggs do not cook faster — plopping your eggs in already-boiling water will start them at too high a temperature.

Remove the Heat

When the water starts to boil, remove them from the heat and then give them a nice ice bath to stop the cooking.

Allow them to cool completely and boom! You have the perfect hard-boiled egg!

Now, how to make your eggs devil-ish:

1.    Peel your egg once it’s cool enough

2.    After the eggs are cooled and peeled, cut the egg long-ways in half.

3.    Scoop the cooked yolk out and place into a separate bowl.

4.    Mix your ingredients (mustard, paprika, salt and yolks) until they are creamy.

5.    Scoop yolk mixture into the egg halves.


6.    Sprinkle paprika on top and chill until serve time!