How to Create Abundance Without Destroying the Planet

From by Sarah Small
How to Create Abundance Without Destroying the Planet

In a recent video by AgendaGotsch, the success of Fazenda da Toca’s Burrow Farm- an organic, agroecological family farm in Sao Paulo, Brazil covering 2,130 football fields- is highlighted. “I believe it is possible to create abundance without destroying the planet. We could thrive with it instead,” explained Pedro Diniz, founder of Fazenda da Toca.

Fazenda da Toca uses methods from applied research in agroforestry systems oriented for large-scale production according to agroecologist Ernst Gotsch’s principles. Gotsch developed complex crop systems in the 1970s by experimenting with multi-species consortia, such as planting corn with beans or apples with cherries. His methods restore degraded soils, produce high yields, and eliminate the use of pesticides.

“We should combine the present with the future. It must be economically viable for the present and for the future,” said Gotsch.

“I believe we’re about to make a significant breakthrough,” explained Diniz, “When we talk about systems that don’t need external inputs, it is a major paradigm shift. Ernst has proven it’s possible. When we explain the concepts and say that it costs less we start to speak the business language.”

Diniz’s personal motto is to “think big, start small, and move fast,” which is exactly how Fazenda da Toca is operating in Brazil.

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