Honolua Bay

Row 1

Lahaina, HI 96761
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–8:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Snorkel here (but make sure you respect the natural habitat)
  • Snorkeling here is a little tricky due to the entrance on private property. Having a guided kayak tour is a better idea. Don't trespass and take care of the natural habitat as well as local privacy.
  • The North side has some of the best reef, but really either side is good. Tricky getting into/out of the water due to slick rocks but worth the effort.
  • Move further out for better snorkeling and be careful of slippery rocks when you first go in.
  • Great place for snorkeling but mostly for advanced snorkelers. Go in butt-first. Slowly. The rocks by the water are super slick. And bring flippers!
  • Don't snorkel if there are big waves. If surfing, no your limits and respect the locals. Beware the goat path down. There's a better way to get to the water if you watch the others.
  • Honolua Bay is a famous surf spot for advanced surfers. If you don't surf, head up to one of the lookouts for the perfect vantage point to watch the pros. During the summer - enjoy great snorkeling.
  • No sunscreen... Cover up with a rash guard or wet suit.
  • Don't use sunscreen while in the water! Preserve the beauty!
  • A great place to snorkel.
  • Look for signs at trail heads that map out where the underwater reefs are located. It will make for more interesting snorkeling. Don't forget to tread lightly!
  • Honolua is for advanced surfers only. Watch from the cliff and enjoy watching the locals rip it up.
  • Honolua Bay is a winter-time destination for Big Wave surfers. A powerful, hollow wave famous for long rides, this break also offers pristine surrounding cliffs for spectators to take in the views.
  • gorgeous views from the different lookouts. the water was super clear today. wish we had time to snorkel...will definitely next time!
  • Kimo owns the land that leads to the "bay". It's actually an old fishing village. Anyway, awesome snorkeling. They will start selling BBQ food next year. Good times!
  • Had a great snorkelling experience here mid-March. Clear waters, lots of sea life.
  • Best place to go snorkeling on the inland!!! I have been going here since I was 2 years old
  • If you are looking for a great snorkeling place, this is it! Actually when you pay for a boat tour, this is the place where they take you. So save some money and go there by car and park by the road.
  • Best place to go snorkeling on the inland!!!! I love this place!
  • Beautiful!