Thanksgiving Desserts That Will Sweeten Up the Kids’ Table

Check out these adorably sweet Thanksgiving desserts that will delight your little ones

Your little ones will love these Thanksgiving Desserts made just for them!


Thanksgiving desserts that go beyond pie are always a welcome respite from holiday monotony. This is especially true for the little ones who fear anything that isn’t a familiar treat. So instead of trying to convince the kids to eat apple pie or pumpkin pie, give them Thanksgiving desserts that they will totally love not only eating, but helping you decorate, too!

Chocolate Chip Acorn Truffles

With a cookie dough center coated in chocolate and a nifty pretzel stem, these sweet “acorns” will be the hit of the Thanksgiving dessert table.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats

Kids will love helping you decorate these Thanksgiving desserts. Once your cookies are ready, simply apply the decorations in two easy steps!

Thanksgiving Dessert: Chocolate Chip Turkey


Your kids will gobble up these turkeys. They’ll get a kick out of decorating the turkey’s feathers and will love these easy bites.