21 Edible Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

Show Mom how much she’s loved by baking the tastiest of treats this Mother’s Day
Chocolate Bark


Homemade chocolate bark is the easiest and tastiest Mother's Day gift.

Show Mom how much she’s loved this Mother’s Day by baking the most delicious edible treats, just for her. You don’t have to be a professional chef to be capable of making tasty cookies and candy that are pretty enough to be the most adorable gift. Swap the overpriced box of chocolate truffles for your own handmade version, which will be so much more appreciated as a result of all the hard work and love that you have put into creating them.

21 Edible Gifts for Mom This Mother's Day (Slideshow)

If your mom has an insanely sweet tooth, there could therefore be no better gift for her than some pretty chocolate bark. But if she would honestly prefer something savory and salty (rather than excessive amounts of homemade candy), you should definitely make her a batch of crumbly, buttery parmesan shortbread. Whatever flavors your mom’s taste buds prefer, there is certainly something on this list that you are capable of making, and that will undoubtedly put a smile on your much-loved mom’s face. Take your pick from this range of recipes, and when you’ve done the hard work in the kitchen and are happy with the results, wrap them up in a pretty box, a labeled jar, or in some well-arranged cellophane, and tie a ribbon around it, for that extra special touch. Swap the shops for your kitchen this Mother’s Day, and we promise that you’ll be making your mom extra happy.

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With our edible gift ideas ranging from a potent bottle of homemade limoncello, to a jar of spicy sriracha made with your own hands, to a bag of crunchy cranberry-coconut granola, this list definitely includes an idea which will please every mom. The effort that you put into making one of these tasty treats for your own mom really will show her how much you care.