The 10 Best Breakfast in Bed Recipes (Slideshow)

Breakfast-in-bed recipes for you and yours

Apple Pie Porridge

The best of both worlds: pie and porridge for breakfast. What's not to love? 

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Rum-Soaked Challah French Toast


This rich and boozy French toast is perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast in bed. 

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Breakfast Tacos

Arthur Bovino

"They're simple, and yet so many fail so often to allow these simple breakfast standbys to really stand out," writes The Daily Meal Executive Editor Arthur Bovino. "Smooth refried beans, steamed flour tortillas, chorizo, cheese, and crunchy fried potatoes — that's it." 

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Breakfast Burrito

A classic breakfast staple, this hearty breakfast burrito recipe is perfect for any time of year. 

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Snickers Pancake

If pancakes drenched in maple syrup and butter isn't enough for you, try adding snickers to your pancakes. You may never eat your pancakes any other way again. 

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Breakfast Pizza

Pizza doesn't have to just be a dinner food. This grilled breakfast pizza recipe features all of your favorite breakfast ingredients. 

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Brie and Ham Stuffed French Toast


If you love French toast but prefer a more savory breakfast, this recipe was made for you. 

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Tommy's Cheese Grits Breakfast


A bowl of creamy and comforting grits is sometimes all you need. This cheesy grits recipe is a simple and easy choice for breakfast in bed. 

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Green Eggs and Ham Sandwhich


This Dr. Suess-inspired breakfast recipe is both fun and delicious. You and yours won't be able to get enough of these arugula pesto covered muffins. 

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Chive Frittata

"The frittata is Italy's version of an open-face omelette." writes special contributor Chandriga Chandraan. This rich and savory frittata is the perfect meal for a morning in bed.

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