Make Candy Corn Bark for Your Halloween Party

Happy national candy corn day!
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Candy Corn Bark

Photo Modified: Flickr / Shari’s Berries / CC BY 4.0

This homemade candy corn bark is the perfect combination of sweet and chewy.

You’ve just put the finishing touches on your costume. Nighttime is setting in and you’re ready to present yourself to the swarm of people coming to your Halloween party. You’ve thought of everything – tasty snacks, terrifying costume, spooky decorations, and eerie music, but then you realize you don’t have the essential ingredient to any successful Halloween party: candy corn.

It isn’t enough to just throw a bag of chewy tri-colored candy corn into a bowl; you want to really integrate this iconic candy into your Halloween festivities. White and dark chocolate candy corn bark with toffee pieces is the best last-minute candy corn snack to serve in order to make your Halloween party perfect. Your guests will be able to smell the melting chocolate throughout the house. Each bite is a textural combination of crunchy chocolate-swirled bark with the chewy, sweet flavors of candy corn and toffee.

Click here for the Candy Corn Bark Recipe.

Candy corn was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company, and was originally produced by hand, according to Time. The candy symbolizes a corn kernel, and has been linked to autumn because of corn’s association to fall harvest. In the 1920s, candy corn was actually nicknamed “chicken feed,” and was sold in a box with a rooster on it. Over the years, this waxy candy quickly grew its connection to Halloween. Today, over 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced each year, which is equivalent to nine billion pieces, according to CNN. That’s almost enough to circle the moon 21 times if laid end-to-end.


The visual presentation will surely impress all of your guests with its ability to incorporate all of the Halloween colors into a delicious snack. The bright yellow, orange, and white candy corn pieces stick out of this bark, making it a colorful, eye-catching treat. Present this on a tray or bunch it up in little baggies for your guests to snack on after they leave the party. Make sure everyone gets a bite of this tasty homemade bark treat this Halloween.