This Chef Will Make You a Giant, Gold-Plated Truffle for National Chocolate Day… for $3,000

The giant truffle will be delivered on a sugar pillow, along with two glasses of Champagne.

Alain Roby, a three-time Guinness World Record-holding chef — for the world’s tallest cooked sugar building — wants to help you celebrate National Chocolate Day, October 28, with a basketball-sized chocolate truffle, plated in 24-carat gold.

Chef Roby will send you the giant truffle on a blown sugar pillow and two glasses of Dom Pérignon Champagne — all for the cool price of $3,000.

Billed in a press release as a world class “chocolate guru,” the chef promises to use only the finest quality chocolate to create “his delicious — and healthy — products.” While we have some doubts about the health benefits of $3,000 worth of chocolate, we won’t stop anyone from celebrating National Chocolate Day with a giant chocolate basketball.


You can either pick up your giant chocolate truffle at Roby’s All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva, Illinois, or call the kitchen and have the staff mail it to you. Each chocolate truffle will be made to order, so you will need to call ahead — good thing there are three weeks until National Chocolate Day.