A Quick and Easy Dinner for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Cook Mom a 4-course feast with these simple recipes
Quick Mother’s Day Meal

Make Mother’s Day memorable with this elegant and easy meal.

It’s essential to give your mother a special gift on a special day like Mother’s Day. She is, after all, the woman who has made sure to give you the best of the best your whole life — especially when it comes to food. She cooked your favorite birthday dinners, worried about packing enough for lunch, and made sure you were well-fed in the morning before you were out the door. Isn’t it time you fussed over Mom a bit?

A Quick and Easy Dinner for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Sure, you could take her out to a fancy brunch or make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant, but where's the personal touch in that? You need to make Mom feel appreciated, special, unique. Why not cook her an entirely homemade four-course meal complete with delicious appetizers and crafty cocktails? Believe it or not, it is easier than it sounds.

All you need to make a successful meal for Mom are some simple recipes that taste like they took hours to create. To help you accomplish this, we dreamt up an entire menu to take you from start to finish. Mom will love everything from the cool gazpacho to the tempting strawberry shortcake, but most of all, she’ll enjoy how each dish was made with love!

Appetizer: Avocado Deviled Eggs

Mom has probably made her signature deviled eggs once or twice for a family party. Why not treat her to something a little different? These easy avocado deviled eggs require little culinary expertise, but they’re sure to impress!

Creative Cocktail: Tea Rose Martini

Mom is an elegant, classy lady and she deserves to be treated as such! Make her feel like first class with this light and refreshing tea- and rose water-infused cocktail.