10 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes That Are Perfect for Mother's Day

Make Mom a meal she'll really enjoy
10 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes That Are Perfect for Mother's Day

These breakfast recipes are perfect for a special occasion.

There are few people in this world who give of themselves as selflessly and as tirelessly as a mother. If there is a special mother in your life (whether it's your own mother, your partner, or another care-giving friend or relative), the chances are good that what she wants more than anything on Mother's Day is a little rest and relaxation! If you've ever thought about treating her to a home-cooked meal, try breakfast in bed — it’s the ultimate luxury.

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The most important thing you can do when you’re cooking for someone else is to plan a menu that you know you can accomplish. The key is choosing cooking techniques or recipes that you're comfortable with and then finding ways to make them special. Are you a pancake pro? Add some chocolate chips and fresh raspberries to the flapjacks as they cook for a decadent treat. Do you know all the tricks for making perfectly crispy hash browns from scratch? Try mixing fresh chopped herbs into the patties before you fry them for a more sophisticated flavor. Small tweaks can make a recipe feel fresh and special.

Then, think about ways to make the presentation of the breakfast more beautiful. Spring is a wonderful time to purchase edible flowers at your local farmers market, which you can sprinkle around the plate for a stunning display. Or make the most of items in your pantry. Cut a simple heart-shaped stencil out of parchment or waxed paper, lay the stencil on top of a stack of pancakes or a loaf of banana bread, and then dust powdered sugar on top — when you remove the stencil you'll be left with a powdered sugar heart.

If you're not comfortable improvising on such an important day, don't worry — we've got you covered. Here are 10 breakfast recipes that are perfect for Mother's Day.

Apple Pumpkin Cake

BUSH's Beans

What better excuse is there to eat cake for breakfast than a holiday? This moist and delicious cake can also be baked in cupcake papers to make individual breakfast muffins.

Avocado Tartines

Tartine is a fancy French word for an open-faced sandwich. This one uses the super nutritious and wonderfully delicious avocado.

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