Hello My Name Is BBQ

Food Truck, BBQ, Moving Target
Charleston, SC 29487



On the menu: beer-braised pork on brioche; BBQ bacon tacos, featuring two corn tortillas with bacon, pimento cheese, jalapeños, slaw, and tomato; and bacon and blue cheese smashed potatoes. Be still thy beating heart. Providing the Charleston areas with Southern BBQ at "the speed of deliciousness," these folks suggest you "buckle up your tongue." Want to chase this flavor all over the city? Check out their Twitter handle to find out where they will be. — Nina Fomufod, 11/13/2012


Twitter Handle: @HelloBBQ
Location/Schedule: Check Twitter


  • Only straight up bacon sandwich in town. Six fat slices topped with slaw & tomatoe on brioche'
  • If you've never had a cane-sugar coke, you don't know what you're missing. Also, add slaw on top of a bbq sandwich. SO GOOD!
  • Check out Hello My Name is BBQ Truck as seen on Heat Seekers
  • Boss Hog FTW!