5 Healthy Snack Ideas for When You’re on the Go!

Don’t derail your diet when you’re short on time
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We're here to help you make a healthy food choice when you're short on time.

Because I am always running around from one client to the next, I have had to become an expert at packing quick and healthy snacks that will keep me full between meals. Many of us are constantly on the go, and this often leads to last-minute unhealthy snack decisions. When it comes to sticking to your healthy lifestyle, preparation is key! You never want to get caught with a rumbling belly and no healthy snack on hand. That is just a diet disaster waiting to happen! When you are busy and running around, the last thing you want to do is think about where you are going to find a diet-friendly option to munch on. My advice is to prepare your munchies for the week on Sunday so that they are ready to just grab and go every morning. Here is a list of five of my favorite snacks that you can throw in your bag and whip out anywhere. No utensils needed!

Raw Vegetables and Individual Hummus Packs
Several hummus brands, such as Sabra and Tribe, make adorable little individual hummus cups. They are the perfect serving size for an afternoon snack. Pair that with some cut-up carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, and you've got a delicious mini meal on hand for whenever hunger strikes!

Homemade Nut Trail Mix
I try to stay away from premade packaged trail mixes because they are often loaded with added sugar, salt, and sometimes even artificial colors and flavors. However, I am always making my own clean nut mix for an easy grab-and-go snack! Mix your favorite raw nuts and seeds with a few dried berries and throw them in a small Ziploc bag. This is a great energy-boosting snack when you need that extra push come 2 p.m.! Just be mindful of the portion size. Although nuts and seeds are super nutritious, they have a high calorie content, so it’s easy to overdo it. Fill each baggie with a handful of the nut mix, store them in the fridge (yes the fridge!) to keep them fresh, and stick to only one baggie per day.

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Mini Egg White Muffins
Once you have discovered the amazingness of the mini egg white muffin, you will never have an excuse to skip breakfast again! These puppies can be made in bulk and thrown in the fridge to be whipped out and eaten on the go when you are running late to that morning meeting. With a perfect combo of protein and vegetables, egg white muffins will definitely keep you full until lunch. Plus, they only have 50 calories per muffin, so you can eat more than one and not feel guilty!

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Individual Nut Butter Packets With Celery Sticks
If you want a snack that takes zero prep time, try Justin’s individual packets of almond butter and peanut butter. Justin's doesn't add any sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oil to its butters, which makes them a cleaner version of creamy goodness. The individual packets are the perfect portion of nut butter for a midday snack, and they are super easy to carry around. Cut up some celery sticks for dipping, throw them in a bag with your nut butter packet, and you are good to go!

Peanut Butter Protein Balls
These little pick-me-ups are something the whole family will enjoy eating and making! They are a great pre-workout pick-me-up or a healthy option when you are craving something sweet. These little guys are another great grab and go option that don't require a plate or utensils so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. Each serving is about 135 calories, so stick to one or two balls for a nutritious, protein-packed snack.


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